Hlengiwe Mtshali

Legal Secretary

I am Hlengiwe Mtshali, a Paralegal by profession, and I studied at Boston City Campus. Currently, I work as a legal secretary at Mncube Attorneys.

My role at Mncube Attorneys involves providing essential support behind the scenes. I work directly with the lawyers and the Director, assisting them in various tasks. Scheduling appointments with clients is a part of my daily responsibilities, ensuring smooth communication within the office.

Organizing and maintaining all files and documents in the office is another vital aspect of my job. I take great care in ensuring that important information is easily accessible when needed, helping the team stay organized and efficient.

Managing records of correspondence is also a key responsibility of mine. Keeping track of all communications is crucial to ensure that important details are not overlooked.

In addition, I maintain formal records of employees’ processes and decisions. This helps in maintaining transparency and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

As a Paralegal and legal secretary, I take pride in my professionalism and commitment to providing high-quality assistance to the team. My work happens mostly behind the scenes, but I know that it plays a crucial role in supporting the attorneys and the Director, allowing them to focus on their legal work effectively.

Overall, I find great satisfaction in being an integral part of Mncube Attorneys, contributing to the smooth functioning of the office and the success of our legal team.

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